June 05, 2006

What God is showing me through my in-laws

Two months ago my wife and I moved in with her parents for different reasons like saving money. A sacrifice on everyone's part but beneficial to everyone as well. After deciding to move I remember the way I felt. Unsure of how things will go but confident everything will work out, especially since we believed it was God's will. My first thought was space, where could I hide if I needed space. What will people think about us living with our parents. After two months every insecurity is just about gone and I'm am super excited for this new season ahead of us.

For the past few months the reality of community has been on my heart strongly and how our Father has made it so necessary, a priority even, to live life with others and not just as an individual. America needs to let go of a lot of it's individualism, it's one of our great sins. We must swallow our pride and repent to see God move in new ways. He will provide to us as a community and as individuals. My mind and heart are being renewed in the way I view this subject and I didn't think I had much of an issue. Improvements are still needed.

There is an excellent site with a paragraph or two on community, it's called churchthink.com
By the way I do have places to hide, more than I did before.

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