November 27, 2006

church swapping for dummies

I have been with my current congregation since I was thirteen. I essentially grew up there in a spiritual sense. Every one is family and a few of them have been key figures that God has used to change my life. It was in this family where I first experienced the presence of Jesus. I was discipled, loved and I was encouraged to be who God created me to be with my gifts and personality. Lately(however long that is), I think I (and my wife) have reached a plateau. For the past 4 or 5 years I have had an itch for change and I would bring that to Jesus every time it came around, that has been way more often the past couple months and I take that as one sign out of many. There are many reasons and thoughts on this matter, too many to write right now.

The struggle I have is not in my decision to leave which I believe is the will of God but actually doing it. We are excited about what lies ahead but we are also mourning as we're leaving. Also, we were nervous about telling others the news. Who do we tell first? How much longer should we stay? How should I word my explanation? Would anyone take it really personal?
There may be a myriad of bible studies, books and conferences on certain spiritual topics that churces offer but a hand guide on church swapping? I don't think they exist. This has been a circumstance in the grey. But through constant prayer and reliance on the Holy Spirit's guidance I believe Melissa and I have done a decent job. We are now both ready for the adventure that God has for us.

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