November 21, 2006


Up and down. That's the theme for november. The weather has been changing drastically within a matter of hours. I have had moments of extreme fun and than the very next day a good friend of mine is killed in a car crash. Melissa (my wife) and I celebrate our birthdays and than the nearing of holidays reminds us not only to be thankful (my birthday lands on thanksgiving this year by the way) but shows us just how broken up our families are. Thank God we have very understanding relatives. We are leaving a now old season and mourning as we say goodbye to that era of our lives while at the same time excitedly preparing for what we see is ahead. With all this Jesus is steady, very steady. I think I'm doing OK most days as I try to follow his example. Jesus, keep me steady in the power of your spirit.

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Anonymous said...

i think it's funny that i'm just reading your blog for the first time. i enjoy reading your thoughts