December 24, 2006

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by the whyman and so I will list off 5 things about me you probably do not know

~ I came out with an instrumental album (it came out yesterday so it's news)

~ During freshman year in high school I was hit by a car walking home. The car hit me and I flipped over the top, spun once or twice, landed straight on my back unhurt and the car crashed into a snowbank. No one was hurt in fact my friends started laughing at me soon after they saw I was OK.

~ I love all foods except, olives, grapes and cherry tomatoes. Must be the shape and size.

~ A year before we really met. I hung out for a few hours only a few feet away from Melissa (my wife) in a spot a few hundred miles away from where we live
(phew! that was a long sentence).... I have proof because it was video-taped!

~ When I was in third grade I was all into the "Where's Waldo?" books. In the third one you had to find waldo, the wizard and the scroll in each of the scenes.
It came to where I found everything except the scroll in the underwater scene.
I searched forever with no success until one night I was dreaming in my sleep and in my dream I actually found the scroll, it was on the ocean floor in the middle of the scene. As soon as I found it I awoke, hopped out of bed, flipped open the Where's Waldo book and it was in the exact same place that it was in my dream.

So there you go...


Pastor Phil said...

I hope you have a song called "scroll dream." So, when do we get to hear it?

carl said...

you can hear some songs. follow the myspace link.