January 16, 2007

can't get theah from heah.

Man! that was a great vacation. Maine is a wonderful place. My wife and I escaped to the north to get away from it all. For the past three winters we have vacationed in Maine. That may seem strange to some but we like it because it's cheaper, there's less people around and it is super beautiful, void of summer color but calming in it's minimalistic, grey tone. We had a good time this year. On our way back we visited Portland because my brother in-law just moved there with his significant other. It was my first time in that city and I am impressed. I still don't know too much about that city but I get a good vibe from it. It was a pleasure to get snowed in so we could actually explore a little. Snow rules! it's about time!

I've always lived in a 20 mile radius within the north shore of massachusetts and very possibly might for the rest of my life, but if Melissa and I were to move away. We would move north not south. This may be true because of our ancestry. I have northern blood(so does she). English, Swedish, German(northern part), tiniest bit of Irish and the only known relative of mine that is not caucasian was an eskimo lady, an inuit indian, again northern.

Another draw for us is the ocean. We could not imagine living away from the ocean. We notice when we are at least a hundred miles from ocean water. It's a feeling similar to claustrophobia but not as intense.

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