January 01, 2007

preference denied

The 31st was our last day at our church. The service was quirkier than most. The worship was more passionate than most as well, those two factors were good ice-breakers for me. Emotions were high among those who knew us well but the strange thing was that we already dealt with our own emotions for the most part so we felt disconnected a little. Even still, God was present in that twilight zone. I picked up on many signs I believe God was showing me that very day that the path I was taking was the way I should go.

My personality is one that shys away from attention. I prefer it that way. My pastor (ex-pastor I guess now, weird) asked me before if it was ok if he could have a kind of sending off with blessing and prayer in front of the congregation. I told him no but would love to in a small group. He wasn't there during that last service. So someone from the congregation who knew about our departure called us up and asked us to share a little about what God is doing with our lives. This was last thing I wanted. I was toungue-tied. Fortunately my wife and I wrote up a goodbye letter that we were going to give out that sunday explaining a little on where we were. So we just read that. It wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact I'm glad. I may prefer something one way but God saw the complete opposite to be the better option. I praise Him for His infinite wisdom and love and for His grace in our relationships to everyone we know.


mikeofearthsea said...

Though Stef warns me to to "overwhelm" you, you guys deciding to fellowship with us is one of the highlights of this year for me. I imaginge you guys leaving your church home would be for me like us leaving our church homw and I know that is hard. I wanted to let you guys know that making a hard decision like that blesses the folks you come to as well.

In Him,


carl said...

thanks mike!
Melissa and I are very excited for whats ahead and honored to be welcomed by all you guys at the gathering.