February 20, 2007

physical warfare

Just some more thoughts (and strong emotions) from my personal bubble.

One of the hardest dilemnas in my head is on the issue of war. I don't have a clear opinion either way on whether or not war can be justified. Since I take a neutral stance in the debate I come across as pacifist but that's not necessarily the case.

When I mulled over this issue before I have asked myself "What if a man would come running after my wife and child, weapon in hand and with full intent to kill them? What would I do?". This probably will never happen but if it did I would have to admit/confess that I would run after the man with full intent to use any physical force necessary to stop him even if it meant I had to kill. Verses from ephesians 6 than will run through my head "for we wrestle not against flesh and blood..."

In my teenage years in high school mostly everyone knew I was a christian, along with that knowledge I would proclaim to a bunch of people that I was a pacifist.
Am I really a pacifist now? Maybe I am. Does the Iraqi war really have to go as long as it has or perhaps rather did it really have to start, I don't know. Last veterans day I listened to a Vietnam war veteran vent for two to three hours straight and he seemed to only scratch the surface of what he really felt. Could I really be for war? I am very interested in history but very uneducated. If you asked me how every war in America's history started I would only be able to give a superficial answer for the revolutionary, civil and iraqi war. My knowledge is very small.

The scene in my head seems easy to judge but when you complicate things by adding more people, even nations, to the scene than it's very hard to judge.

There is a great hypocrisy within me. I am against the death penalty but I am for killing someone before they even commit the crime. At least I am according to the scene that was played in my head.

I am torn and confused, but glad that God knows all.

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justin said...

i've had similar feelings. what does irritate me is when I listen to just one side that goes off about why war is or isn't the best thing. There seems to be the need for some type of balance in there.

nice music selection by the way; i have all three of those albums. Check out the latest Chair and Mic volume... it's a little different than Ben's style put still cool.