February 09, 2007

virtual insanity

During lunch today with my wife I was eves dropping into the conversation at the table behind me. The guy was talking about how online shopping could soon go to a new level where the customer can, sims style, virtually go into a store, look at stuff, hold it, decide and buy. This got my imagination going a mile a minute and Melissa could tell, she was asking what I was thinking about. I told her I would tell her later and that I was totally eves dropping. I was thinking how cool it would be if this did exist, how great a marketing tool this would be and that I should make a proposition with SIMS and Simon malls corporation about my great idea. Until I realized that this kind of thing is supposedly already in process of becoming a reality. Oh yeah, and I'm not a business man.

20 minutes later when I went back to work I got a very bad vibe from this concept.

This is just what America doesn't need. Something to feed our addiction to the internet and to our consumeristic life style. My imagination started to take off even further and I found myself imagining what it would look like if we had a Sims church. I was starting to make myself laugh. I would joke to myself that the easier levels would be the liturgical churches where everything was so ritual that soon enough I would get it perfected. Than the final level would be a full fledged pentecostal church where my character would have to put his all into it. I would press F10 to raise my hands, Control+Shift+HL for holy laughter, Control+Backspace for a shout of hallelujah and of course if we ever catch ourselves sinning in church, God forbid, we could just press control Z to repent and God himself would blot out our sin (that was a joke). Yeah, I was going a little insane but hey, it was friday. My mind conjured up so many ideas so fast that I had to stop myself and try to focus on what I had to do next at my workplace.

Lord God forgive us for our addiction to the internet and to material things. Thank you for giving us community, namely your church. May it never become ritual and cold and emotionally empty like a video game. Send your spirit to communicate who you are to us and who we are as your children to each other. In Jesus name, amen.

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