February 13, 2007


So here it is, my new picture. I guess I have to keep it on my blog even though I deleted the other one. (confused) oh well. This was taken at animal kingdom this past spring. I was watching some percussionists put on a show, they were the best I heard during my whole trip.

There is something in me that loves percussion. Hand drums resonate deep inside me somewhere. I think it's because it's such a primal musical expression. When playing a song with "regular instruments" that play notes and chords there seems to be something missing a good portion of the time. So when a percussionist joins in it's like a buzz of caffeine for the song.


Josh Rivera said...

I think that may be some of your african roots showing. The motherland is calling you, oh "Kwanji", great lion fighter of South Africa.
-by the way, I totally know what you mean!

mizumirocks@yahoo.com said...

Hey Carl, please send my love to Melissa, I'm sorry I didn't call you guys back last Sunday, I was at work. I would love to get together again do a movie or whatever!! Love you both! Zumi xoxo :)

carl said...

no prob mizumi!... hanging is definitely a must.