March 05, 2007

hokeyness is godliness... at least for me.

I think it's time to tick off my own carnal nature. Perhaps yours too. I try to stay away from being opinionated. I think I do alright (please let me know if I'm ever opinionated). I have been thinking about opinions and taste lately. Namely taste in music. I was complimented on my diverse taste in music by a friend and it got me thinking about thoughts I have had before. We all have certain types of music that we like. We have our dislikes as well. What if I was to say that we should like all types of music? Let me ask the cliche/excellent question of What would Jesus do? Or in other words what kind of music would Jesus like the best? I'd have to say all kinds. Shouldn't we strive for the same? or maybe just an appreciation, I don't know.

I do confess that I let the compliment puff up my ego a little if you couldn't tell already. On top of that I must also confess that despite my diverse taste in music there are still genres that make me a little sick. Disco, Southern Gospel and some forms of Contemporary Christian I find hard to listen to and to not make fun of. Most of that stuff appears to be hokey to me.

The same train of thought can be used with personal relationships, christian traditions and denominations, art, movies, food, etc. We may find certain things to have the appearance of hokeyness or that we just plain disagree with. I don't like olives but I try them every now and then (once every five years) just to see if my taste buds have changed. They haven't yet but I do have an appreciation for people who do like their taste and I can now atleast like them in pizza. Cut up into tiny pieces. I'm rambling now.

So tomorrow I will go out and buy the BeeGees, the Gaithers and Point of Grace....
Just kidding. That would be missing the point. By the way. You should hear Ozzy's version of "stayin alive". Cool stuff.

Lord God give us joy, wisdom, humility and a heart of worship when we consider the diversity of Your creation and the many colors of Your absolute truth. In Jesus' name, amen.


carl said...

Since I am in an over zealous state of belief that hokeyness is my path to holiness in this season of my life I will be hokey for a moment and recite a hokified version of a worship song.

hokeyness, hokeyness is what I long for
hokeyness is what I need.
hokeyness, hokeyness is what you want from me.

you are now allowed to call me a dork or even a blasphemist if you want but if you do you are in serious need of a sense of humor.

Pastor Phil said...

Nice Carl,

A number of years ago I wrote about the same thing, and considered hokeyness a part olf God's plan for the church. So, I like this post it rings true with my hokeyness.

Melissa said...

you make me laugh anyways

IZenBet said...

any kinda powerful music works for me...i like anything from evanescence to toby mac soulfest style!

also i like to compare Jenn Knapp to recent folks like Regina Specter.

comes highly recommended!