March 09, 2007


I loathe the seemingly constant putdowns of christians in movies these days. I love movies but get agitated with these scenes. Many of these putdowns are understandable because of the actions and lack of love within us christians. Still the ratio of putdowns compared to genuine portrayals of genuine christians is far innaccurate to reality. This gives christianity and Jesus a bad reputation.

Still within all of these putdowns I think a couple of them are pretty darn funny. The movie I saw tonight was "Superstar" starring will Will Ferrel. He plays a hippie-like Jesus that Mary, the main character, has visions of. Though this is near the blasphemy line I think it's hilarious. There is also a scene in "The Italian Job" which shows the computer savvy thief who after learning how much gold his team has just stolen yells in ecstatic joy only to have all in the airportstare at him like he's a lunatic. He notices and claims "yeah...uh I got the holy spirit" very giddily.
Very funny. You gotta watch it to know what I mean.

(side note: I looked up in the dictionary to see if I spelled the word giddily right and look what I found.)

4. to make or become giddy.
[Origin: bef. 1000; ME gidy, OE gidig mad (as var. of *gydig), deriv. of god God, presumably orig. “possessed by a divine being”]
just thought that was interesting.

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