April 16, 2007

The God of what's not in the bible

As a good biblical conservative evangelical christian, I consider everything in the bible to be the infallible word of God. I set my standards of spirituality, morality, sexuality and every "ality" that I know of upon the bible. When some idea or philosophy comes around that is not found in the bible it is the evangelical's tendency to frown. >:( So I do.... sometimes. Just kidding. :) Smiling is better. All us christians need to lighten up every now and then.

The bible has a lot in it. Perhaps it's depths are limitless. Still it's missing a lot. For a silly example, cats rule! but they're not found anywhere in the bible. Does the good evangelical choose to not believe in them? I hope not. Same goes with judgement of right and wrong as well as science and fact. As christians we must seek truth in the extra biblical. One easy guideline in this is that extra biblical truth will never conflict with biblical truth.

There are times in our life that can be really complicated and confusing and the bible does not give us detailed instructions on how to deal. The bible is easy enough to understand that the simplest person can comprehend it. God meant it that way but it should not stop there. When trials come our way we can read over bible verses that really spoke to our hearts back in them good ole days and get nothing from them. But if we persevere with patience and prayerfully read the bible, slowly, even repeatedly we can find the Spirit of God behind the words. Than from those words God can breathe new life into us and our situation, wherever that may be.

Lord, I need to read the bible more. Help me. Amen.

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