April 15, 2007


There have been some major father figures in my life, spiritually and literally speaking, who are close to if not totally considered christian zionists. What I mean by a christian zionist is a follower of Jesus with a deep reverance and appreciation for the jewish race and their rich religious culture, history and home land called Israel. Why all the commotion over this tiny percentage of the world's population called the jewish people and why all the commotion over such a tiny piece of land called Israel when compared to the rest of the world? Why is there so much anti-semitism and why was Jesus (a jew) rejected by many jews?

Christian zionism seems to have grown immensely during the past hundred years as well as the number of jewish christians. The concept of jews being God's chosen people can be very controversial. Are not all of us "chosen" by God to follow him? So why does God call the Jewish people the apple of his eye? Replacement theology teaches that the jewish race, which was once known as God's chosen people, have now been replaced by the muli-racial body of Christ. Christian zionism in it's most extreme form still acknowledges that Jews are set apart as God's chosen people.

Gentiles (nonjews) are "branched in" as the apostle Paul mentions but there is a richness, mystery and sense of wonder to the jewish law and tradition especially when we consider that Jesus was the fulfillment of it all. Another thing to consider is the possibility that someone who's ethnicity is not jewish can become a religious jew, observing the traditions and holidays. I plan on doing some more research on this all these matters but my opinion so far is that the truth falls in between replacement theology and the extreme forms of christian zionism.

What do you think?


IZenBet said...

messianic jews are tragiclly regarded as sub-jewish. this all the more reason to support jews for jesus. i think if you talk to a jewish person, like in the past, they were looking for a power messiah! one to overthrow the world in the name of the Lord.
true there is proof that Jesus fufils all prophecys of the Torah. but as Jesus called his own people "stubborn stiffnecked people!" also it's a matter of works to gain heaven and sacrifces. and it's something you're born into.

carl said...

and to add as a disclaimer I used the term "replacement theology" which is a term with a negative connotation to it. The other term used by people who believe this theory is called something like "covenant theory/theology?"

carl said...

yeah, it seemed like there were a few disciples who were overly concerned with power. I've heard it said before that Judas(I'm not sure this is in the bible but I think it's possible) was totally dissapointed that Jesus was not the power messiah so he turned on him.

carl said...

to add to my post I want to point out that the christian zionist believes that Israel is indeed the promised land and that it belongs to them. This is a very controversial belief because it takes definite sides over the whole palestinian israeli conflict/debate.

carl said...

"them" meaning the jewish people.