April 09, 2007

"Velvet Elvis Under Investigation"

Rob Bell's book "Velvet Elvis" struck a major chord within me this past fall. It was a well needed word to me for where I was at spiritually.

I have come across a bible scholar named Ben Witherington. He is a professor of new testament interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary. A major brain who I sense has a heart close to God's. Here you can find an honest yet loving critique of Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis in his blog.


John Smulo said...

I liked Velvet Elvis a lot. Though I noted Ben Witherington's concerns. I've purchased Rob Bell's most recent book, Sex God, and hope to read it soon.

Witherington had a review on it as well, and seemed to like it a lot more.

carl said...

yeah, I was reading a little bit of the Sex God review and it made me want to read it even more.

I think his review was longer than the book itself! :)