June 07, 2007

Burdened in this Summer of Limbo

I can see the other side I'm just not there yet. Last month some pictures of the renovating of my new work place was posted up in our break room and it was exciting to visually anticipate the change. Tonight Melissa and I went to see what was my fourth apartment viewing and we decided there on the spot that we would move in, we're excited about that. I should be moved in both spots by the end of the month. My home and work both moving at the same time. Bring on the chaos!

There have been friends of mine who have had some serious situations going on with them and I can feel the burden. There are also some great and beautiful things happening as well, no doubt. Actually there is a lot of stuff happening so whether it's good, bad or just a matter of transition it's still a load to carry. I'll try not to complain or resort to temporary madness but rather turn to Jesus. He will help me carry this burden, the best part about it is that He will be with me, every step of the way. I am surely blessed.

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