August 08, 2007

I like you, you like me, we're a happy family.

It is a very hard thing to seperate personality and character. What I mean by character is moral character. Everyone has their gifts which include their own personality but with every gift comes a weakness that is related. For example, a quiet person may be a good listener but stink when it's their time to talk. When I get to know someone I try to look past sins and shortcomings and separate personality from character. I intentionally notice the goodness that is in everybody. When I do this I find that I naturally start to like the person. That saying "I can love someone without liking them" is wrong, stupid and lazy. I am sure that Jesus not only loves everyone, He likes them as well. Shouldn't we do the same?


Beverly said...

God gave us our personalities--- and He certainly likes variety. But we're meant to have the same character--- that of His son, Jesus Christ.

carl said...

Right on! I occasionally wonder how Jesus' personality was. We believer He was perfect in goodness and holiness but was he introverted or extroverted. Some have suggested with biblical references that he was right down the middle of the introvert/extrovert chart and so I am of the same opinion.

Most of us are either an extrovert or an introvert, some of us are mixed but we are generally one side or the other. We should all try to follow Christ's character but I think it's OK to accept the fact that we are either a complete extrovert or introvert (if that's what we are) instead of striving to be both.

Atleast that's my opinion right now. Geesh! I guess I'm rambling.