August 30, 2007

Physical Warfare II

I'm pretty ignorant about Iraq and it's current situation. My lack of knowledge is mostly my fault but I'm looking into things, kind of. I like to read but I read slow and when I do it's usually in an awkward manner. I am what you could call "the simple man's intellectual". I have talked with people from both sides of opinion concerning the war in Iraq. Opinions toward the war are mostly strong so rarely do I come across someone in the grey as I am.

Right now I am reading what looks like by it's cover (yes I know don't judge a book by it's cover) a bunch of hype and sensationalism because of it's likeness to the cover of a political thriller movie. It is named "SADDAM'S SECRETS, how an iraqi general defied and survived saddam hussein" by Georges Sada. I haven't read too far into it and I am already impressed with this man and his life experiences. He is a long time military leader in Iraq (He has known Saddam since the sixties) but he is a christian, which is a minority in his area. This puts him in a very unusual spot with unusual opportunities. Sometimes within the book it seems like he goes out of his way to show that he is a christian(the publisher is Integrity which sounds like a christian company). There is nothing wrong about testifying about God's goodness and faithfulness but there is a genuine way to do so and an ingenuine way that has an agenda attached to it, I hope his is the former. My skepticism is obvious but can anyone blame me? With such contrasting opinions being tossed around it makes my head spin. Still I sense he is genuine.

So I will read on, here in my small world of Carl, guarded by America's homeland security with no clue because I am sheltered. Watch here as Jon Stewart interviews Georges Sada. Jon Stewart says exactly what I would.


Lord please give me grace, wisdom and your heart in this matter. In Jesus' name, amen.

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