September 24, 2007


Fall is my favorite season. Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I do not dig the costumes, the bizarres, the haunted happenings and halloween in general. The city becomes congested with people during the month of october causing traffic. I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of halloween. I would prefer to escape up north for the month of October and come back down November 1st. A lot of people who grew up in Salem as I have would agree with me. This year I am going up north to Portland Maine for a weekend but other than that I will be home. This is my annual default reaction to the coming holiday. I am then reminded in thought and prayer what Christ's attitude would be. Would his initial reaction be to escape? I would say no. It is interesting to see different christ followers reaction to halloween as well. Some are kind and gentle, some are militant. Some are silent, some soft spoken and some have megaphones.

For years, I would spend the evenings inside a church praying that God's Spirit would be the spirit that guides and protects the town and all that inhabit it, than later spend some time hanging out with friends. This was, and is good. More prayer is needed as more people arrive in Salem. The more the people the more the opportunities for good and evil to happen. The intercessions I offered up to God many times turned into the kind of prayer that would change me instead of those around me.

Ever since the Gathering set up stage with music and free hot cocoa and other happenings it has been easier for me to not only deal with october but actually enjoy it. There are many reasons for this and perhaps another post will explain.


IZenBet said...

good to read that you're able to stand salem during peak season, looking forward to working with the nystadt family on events, tho i'll probably be doing some of those attitude prayers myself as the traffic becomes more impossible ;-)

carl said...

yeah, I am glad that october has arrived. I have a good vibe about this year. good times ahead.