September 11, 2007

Tragedies of yesterday, tragedies of today

I once worked with a compulsive liar. He had his stories. From being forced to leave the casino in Las Vegas because he was about to defeat Donald Trump in poker for a lot of money to his attempt in becoming an army chaplain by undergoing the proper education where he learned that there were up to seven names of God in the bible (Yahweh, God, Allah, blah, blah, blah) and there were many more. I remember one morning as I walked past him to punch in he blurted out right away not a "good morning Carl" but rather "Did you just hear? A plane crashed into the world trade center". My first thought was "Yeah right". But then I listened to the radio that he was pointing at.

The rest of the day was eerily quiet. I continued through the work day in a solemn attitude. I remember as I walked through downtown Salem on my lunch break as was my custom when our company was located there. It was like a ghost town. I shuffled over in front of the widescreen TV that was displayed in front of a financing company. It was either CSPAN or CNN being showed with news of the terror attacks. Another man came next to me to watch as well. He was what seemed like a wealthy business man. Pictures of smoke were all we could see, lots and lots of smoke along with a couple shots of people covered from head to toe in dust. After a minute or so we both silently parted our own ways.

Today it is six years from that awful day and another sad one has happened. A friend of mine had his funeral. He battled pancreatic cancer. He was a desert storm veteran, a bass player and even though I did not know him too well he was genuinely kind. Two years ago I did not personally know anyone that has passed on from this life except for my Grandpa. Today three stand out in my mind. One was in his fourties, one was in his thirties and one was in his twenties. Horrible. But when I think of them all I cannot get there smiles out of my head(which is a good thing).

May Jesus carry us.

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