October 29, 2007

A Tough Conversation

When I was in high school, I had a tough conversation with a good friend of mine. He was starting to come with me to youth group and a little to church. We had good conversations in the past about God, Jesus, faith, crap of the world(sin) and stuff like that. He seemed as though his heart was warming up to the christian faith. One day something irked him. I don't remember all of the conversation so pardon me if I leave stuff out.

His attention was brought somehow to the biblical denounciations of witchcraft. I don't remember how the message was given or the nature of it's delivery but know that he took it negatively. He took this denouncing very personally, I could see it in his face and hear it in his tone. He himself was not a witch but he told an important story. When his younger brother was born, he had a serious illness, I think it was fatal. His mother knew a couple of practicing witches. She called for them to come to the hospital so they could try to heal the new born. They came, did their spells or whatever the proper term is and my friend's younger brother was healed miraculously.

This was obviously a precious and significant moment in my friend's family history and instilled in him a respect for wicca. He asked me how wicca can be wrong if there seemed to be such good that came from it. I decided that I would tell him my theories of what really happened. I think that made him mad. He didn't really come back to church with me after that.

Today, I look back at that conversation and seriously wonder if I should of spoke my mind at all. What I should of done more of is "rejoice with those who rejoice". Rejoice at the fact that his little brother is still alive. I should of shown some empathy and relate at the fact that everybody is looking for healing when sickness comes and that faith is universal no matter how different the source of those faiths may be. I should of put myself last and him first. Live and learn.


Jeremiah said...

A christian friend of mine has suffered at the hands of mean-spirited witches and darkness. The problem, as it is always for me, is that most of the evangelical/pentecostal/charismatic church is to focused on the outside instead of our inner hearts. And if one is truly confident in jesus, my bias is that - as jesus did - they will walk in ingenius, radical, relational, creativity as our church famliy is meagerly - though, often, extraodinarily, able and attempting to do. (see your 11/1 post above with "wwjd...")


carl said...

jeremiah~ thanks brother. It does take a heart like Jesus to look beyond external matters (no matter how sensational or demanding of attention they may be) and into matters of the heart. This is still hard for me to do today.

Jeremiah said...

(not that christian's aren't mean spirited... but I think radical christians need to at least be open to the possibility that just as god empowers and sustains in the Spirit-realm, that there can be darkness that pulls down - though (a) never as powerful as the Light and (b) not so that we become "Val Helsing-like..."

-jeremiah/moes/a "hero" (wannabe) with many faces?...


carl said...

I've never seen Van Helsing, the movie I assume?
...I totally agree that while looking into matters of the heart we must also be aware of the dynamics of good and evil within the spiritual realm. Thank God for prayer and his wisdom and discernment that He can give to us for weird and difficult situations.