November 01, 2007

october has left

mmm. It was fun while it lasted but now it's November. The sky is grey and the air is cold. The nights are getting longer, the leaves have peaked and the noise has finally gone. Thank you Jesus.

As I've said before, october is not my favorite time in Salem but I have been dealing with it. Fellowship with the Gathering has helped me to deal. I think it's wise to say that halloween is not going away anytime soon and since my city (I'm starting to sound like that guy in Braveheart who says "my island!") is obsessed with halloween it is definitely here to stay. So why not join the craziness? WWJD? I think part of what He would do is crash the party. This seems like the underlying mission and attitude of the Gathering & friends during the month of october. It was my first year officially with the Gathering during october and I am happy to have served with everyone. I am already praying, thinking and looking forward to next october. Meanwhile, I am here relaxing and gearing down for a slower pace as autumn calls me to wind down a little.

~Lord, God may everyone who came to Salem this past month be blessed by Your spirit and remember You. In Jesus, name


mikeofearthsea said...

You survived halloween better than I. jeremiah is now posting as moes and I apologize that I'm in rare form these days. I know you guys both understand how I feel and are dear beacons of christ-likeness in our season of dysfunction. Then, again, maybe you don't feel the same. Or maybe you do feel somthing similar.

Oh well, after a few weeks of Sabbath rest, maybe our church family can proceed in a little wiser fashing - nto pushing everyone so hard.


carl said...

Hey moes! didn't know you were jeremiah. I'm sorry to hear that you're in rare form these days. Myself, I am a little mellow the beginning of this month but in a good way.