November 21, 2007

pondering astrology

A couple weeks ago Melissa and I spent some time with my father in law and her new fiance'. We've known her for awhile and love here so she's basically my mother in law already. We had a good family get together as we celebrated our birthdays early. Melissa's is the 18th, mine the 23rd. Discussion of our birthdays soon went into personalities according to the calendar (my soon to be mother inlaw is into and very knowledgable about astrology). She said (something like) that scorpios (Melissa's sign) are incredibly passionate and very orderly with a lot of leadership qualities, and they are usually extraverted. She was right on about that. Than she said that sagitarrius'(my sign) are very laid back, calming and introverted but since I was on the cusp of being a scorpio I had some of that within me too. So I'm laid back but when the time is needed to get down to business I am right there on top of it. She read me like a book I thought to myself.

On our ride home that night Melissa and I talked about this phenemenon. We considered all the scorpios and sagitarrius' that we know and found that each one was either dead on or close to the descriptions according to what we heard earlier that night. We've heard about this "personality based on astrological signs" idea before. Even as followers of Christ we acknowleged the possibility of this phenemenon being a part of God's creative and incredibly detailed order. There are a million thoughts to think about concerning this. If this was true it wouldn't negate the christian faith but rather uphold it. Almost like a scientific truth with supernatural tones to it because it points to something "greater than ourselves". This "greater thing" leads to religion and spirituality and as we all know there are many religions. Right there is where it starts to get a little messy and controversial.

I also remain skeptical and can throw this phenemenon out the window and consider it merely a coincidence.

...just some thoughts that could get me into trouble.

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IZenBet said...

hey fellow sag! it is peculiar how sometimes astrological signs really do describe the brother is born in july, and talking to a client she told me that that sign is difficult to get along with...considering growing up with his quirkiness it seemed to fit him.