December 19, 2007

emerging out of division?

A few weeks back I was asked to explain and describe the emergent movement. I laughed and said "no". I was just kidding so I gave a less than adequate description but I thought what I said was okay. I came across a post which described in part what the emergent movement is about, atleast when it comes to unity in the church. This is what attracts me to the emergent conversation. In my mind, talking is the beginning of unity and unity is a major desire of Jesus' (john 17).

December 15, 2007

Looking for the Green on my thumb

I've been a wannabee gardener for a few years now. I've tried and failed for the most part so far. Today, all the plants in my place are suffering. I'll buy plants from the store and then neglect them after a few months. The most succesful plants and ones that I am most pleased by are the ones that I have grown from seed. To see them grow from scratch is amazing. I'll watch day to day the tiny green speck that formed on the soil reach further and further up and find strength all on it's own (nevermind the fact that I would water them). That is probably my problem. I need to grow everything from seed. Than I would get my act together.

December 12, 2007

O Tanenbaum

A week ago my love and I decided to get our first real christmas tree and what a wonderful memory it was. It was like those old christmas movies where the family goes to the tree lot to pick out that special tree. We mosied down every aisle and inspected each one until we had a top two or three. There were large sized christmas lights and christmas music coming out of a couple megaphones that were mounted on opposite corners of the lot. We came well into nightime and so it was cold but not too cold. Now we have that perfect tree. It smells as beautiful as it looks.