December 12, 2007

O Tanenbaum

A week ago my love and I decided to get our first real christmas tree and what a wonderful memory it was. It was like those old christmas movies where the family goes to the tree lot to pick out that special tree. We mosied down every aisle and inspected each one until we had a top two or three. There were large sized christmas lights and christmas music coming out of a couple megaphones that were mounted on opposite corners of the lot. We came well into nightime and so it was cold but not too cold. Now we have that perfect tree. It smells as beautiful as it looks.


IZenBet said...

the scent of a balsam is a christmas memory engraved in my mind...peace and joy in the new year to one of the cutest couples i know!

carl said...

and to you as well! Pine tree smells are among my favorite nature scents.