August 30, 2007

Physical Warfare II

I'm pretty ignorant about Iraq and it's current situation. My lack of knowledge is mostly my fault but I'm looking into things, kind of. I like to read but I read slow and when I do it's usually in an awkward manner. I am what you could call "the simple man's intellectual". I have talked with people from both sides of opinion concerning the war in Iraq. Opinions toward the war are mostly strong so rarely do I come across someone in the grey as I am.

Right now I am reading what looks like by it's cover (yes I know don't judge a book by it's cover) a bunch of hype and sensationalism because of it's likeness to the cover of a political thriller movie. It is named "SADDAM'S SECRETS, how an iraqi general defied and survived saddam hussein" by Georges Sada. I haven't read too far into it and I am already impressed with this man and his life experiences. He is a long time military leader in Iraq (He has known Saddam since the sixties) but he is a christian, which is a minority in his area. This puts him in a very unusual spot with unusual opportunities. Sometimes within the book it seems like he goes out of his way to show that he is a christian(the publisher is Integrity which sounds like a christian company). There is nothing wrong about testifying about God's goodness and faithfulness but there is a genuine way to do so and an ingenuine way that has an agenda attached to it, I hope his is the former. My skepticism is obvious but can anyone blame me? With such contrasting opinions being tossed around it makes my head spin. Still I sense he is genuine.

So I will read on, here in my small world of Carl, guarded by America's homeland security with no clue because I am sheltered. Watch here as Jon Stewart interviews Georges Sada. Jon Stewart says exactly what I would.


Lord please give me grace, wisdom and your heart in this matter. In Jesus' name, amen.

August 10, 2007

seasons for everything under heaven IV

As christians a few things we believe is that God came down unto our level here on earth and became the human named Jesus. We believe that Jesus is a perfect model for us all on how to live and that the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us a more practical, tangible and personable example than the law on how to live. We believe that Jesus, being God, is perfect in holiness and that we should copy and follow Him but have you ever wondered what his personality was? Extroverted, Introverted? Some have suggested that he was(is) a perfect middle on the extrovert/introvert chart according to biblical references. In one scene he is partying, the other He is preaching and talking to dozens, than a dozen, than one and then there's times He goes off to be by himself(and with His father but aren't they the same? anyways). Most of us are either/or with a mix of the other. There is also the occasional full blown extrovert or introvert here and there.

If you're opinion is that Jesus was an extrovert wouldn't that mean everyone should copy His extroverted behavior and vice versa? See what I mean? I believe he is a perfect middle and because of that there is a lesson in that. I consider myself an introvert with hints of extrovert that come out every now and then. That means my season of introvertedness is very long and takes up most of my life just like how winter seems to take up most of the new england year. There are times I am inspired to act extroverted either by God or by my own ego or because of caffeine or the weather or no known reason at all. Whatever the reason hopefully I align myself by surrendering to God's rythmn of seasons that He has for me so I can acquire both the character of God and be found in His will and plan for the season I am in.

I don't think we can be fully extroverted and fully introverted as Jesus was because we are not God and so we can not fit all that within ourselves. But together as the body of Christ (or the whole world for that matter) we can put our piece of the puzzle together. God alone is infinitely wise and His timing is perfect.

August 08, 2007

I like you, you like me, we're a happy family.

It is a very hard thing to seperate personality and character. What I mean by character is moral character. Everyone has their gifts which include their own personality but with every gift comes a weakness that is related. For example, a quiet person may be a good listener but stink when it's their time to talk. When I get to know someone I try to look past sins and shortcomings and separate personality from character. I intentionally notice the goodness that is in everybody. When I do this I find that I naturally start to like the person. That saying "I can love someone without liking them" is wrong, stupid and lazy. I am sure that Jesus not only loves everyone, He likes them as well. Shouldn't we do the same?