January 30, 2008

benefiting from the library

I appreciate the library for many reasons. For one, it's free. Second, there's cool stuff. Not just books but movies and CDs. Third, it's a money saver. Big time. I am addicted to hearing new music and this way I am kept satisfied without buying a ridiculous amount of CDs. I also look forward to the trip there. It's about a ten minute stroll from my house. I usually walk fast whenever I walk but on the way to the library I settle down a few notches. It's relaxing. I enjoy walking through the macintyre district and looking at all the old mansions while strolling on top of the brick sideways. At my library there is also an extensive collection of books, movies and dvds. You probably won't find what you're looking for if you have something in mind but that doesn't matter for me; I go there without any expectations and am always surprised and satisfied with what I borrowed. For example, I now have three dvds. Luther (the movie), School of Rock, The Alamo. And six CDs, Josh Ritter/the animal years, Grant Lee-Phillips/virginia creeper, Kings of Leon/because of the times, The world of Nat King Cole, Carbon Leaf/indian summer, Emmylou Harris/red dirt girl. I won't necessarily watch all the movies or any at all but who cares if it's free right?


g13 said...

i've listened to that copy of the animal years. i love the library and thought the disc was pretty good too.

carl said...

after listening to all these CDs for a decent amount of time, I have decided that one to be my favorite.