February 07, 2008

attempting to get political

Politically, I'm not so sure where I stand. On big issues like Iraq and possible universal health care I am neither against or for but I think I lean right. As my dad says "I bet you're more conservative than you think you are". I have a hard time wrapping my head around the big stuff of this world so I usually go with my intuition. A few months back I would look at the faces of the presidential hopefuls and get a certain vibe from each one. The best vibe I got was from Huckabee. For the Democratic side, Obama seemed like a good leader with a balanced personality. The worst vibe I got was from Romney. Today he drops out so I am mildly pleased.

Yesterday I was daydreaming and my overactive imagination brought me to the future where McCain won the republican primary and Huckabee joined as his vice president. The republicans than won the election in yet another close vote and soon after McCain passes away causing Huckabee to step up as the new president. I wish no ill will towards McCain I just think of weird things sometimes.

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