February 21, 2008

In defense of Joyce Meyer

It's been on the news several times and it saddens me. Certain preachers and teachers of the faith, particularly those who are under the prosperity gospel, are under government watch. I am no way a fan of this tainted version of the gospel but I am sad to hear that Joyce Meyer is on this list of a dozen or so. Earlier in my life when I really started to follow and seek the Lord I would read and listen to her teachings and I grew immensely from them (as well as other authors as well)despite the culture shock that she was for me. To this day I would still consider her stuff to have a lot of spiritual meat. Meat that I need today. Her teaching would recognize the need to go through rough times and that not everything tough is instantly avoidable by speaking a "word of faith". Because of that I would consider her on the mild side of the prosperity gospel movement.

I would consider myself partly word of faith but I am of the opinion that material wealth is the least needed and our lives (including thought life) should not revolve around such stuff. I believe that we should pray specifically for specific things and that if we don't we may not get our prayers answered in the specific way we want/need...phew. On the flip side of specific prayer, I see it as being popular to avoid by some because it sets us up for possible dissapointment. God uses dissapointment to His greater good. I can ask God for some ridiculous luxury and I guarantee you I will be dissapointed and that would be for the good. Some of Joyce Meyers luxuries I would question so it sounds she may have gone a little astray but as for her sermons, there is some good stuff there.

It is very tempting to me to have a critical attitude towards those on government watch but I must turn my critical spirit into a spirit of prayer and humility.


Anonymous said...

Here is a great 15 minute compilation of Joyce Meyers preaching clips with background music contrasted against a Biblical view of money. It is called escaping the theology of babylon. I highly recommend everyone listen to it. Run for your life from this deceiver and her teachings. 2 Cor 11


In Christ - Jim (www.fleebabylon.com)

carl said...

That was a very well put together complitation. No doubt, she has said things that were quite wrong. Even still, I would think that spitting out the bones while chewing on the meat is a much better solution than running for my life.

Chris said...

I hate to see Christians bash other Christians so fervently. Their smugness saddens me and they justify judging others as discernment - in other words, only THEY understand and interpret everything exactly perfectly! Psalms 105:15 tells us to not touch his annointed, and she is definitely annointed and helps a tremendous number of people spiritually. My spouse and I, both very doctrincally sound, have watched Joyce on TV every morning for years and have not heard any prosperity gospel stuff or anything amiss. She has helped us grow spiritually and helped our marriage succeed. Her main focus is on our obedience to God (in heart, thoughts, words, and deeds), our righteousness is through God alone, and putting our Christianity into practice. Submission to God! That IS truth. Is she perfect? No one is, except, apparently, her critics. Thanks for your post.