March 11, 2008

Meteors & the Christian Bubble

It's great every now and then to immerse one's self into the christian sub culture. Seriously. Back in 2004 I went to the CreationFestival with my wife and a friend, it was our first time since 1999. Tens of thousands of christians come together to form one big christian bubble and I love it! It is refreshing. But like candy, something so sweet can only last so long before I get sick, at least in this life.

In my listening of music if I listened to one too many melancholy songs I find it good to put in a little FFH, or Michael W. Smith or something like that to balance things out. At CreationFest 2004 Melissa and I were deciding whether or not we should see the Newsboys play or not. "Been there, done that" was our attitude. Plus, I thought they were a bit showy in their entertainment. We went anyway and thank God.

During their set is a time of worship. This was so cool. I was sitting at the top corner of the arena shaped hill with my wife. There came a time during the song "it is you(I think that's the name?)" that the band dropped out and all 80,000 of us were singing the holy, holy part. Cheesy? nope. It was one of the most beautiful moments. It was night time, we were in the middle of nowhere, thousands were worshipping and I could see everyone from where I was as everyone was illumined by the stage light. This continued for what was probably just a minute but seemed like a longer lapse in time. Then suddenly from one far end of the sky appeared about four orange meteors. They spread across the sky very very slowly some of them splitting several times in a fashion that was in a way, complimenting the singing. This continued from one end of the sky to the other and soon after they dissappeared the voices did as well into a brief moment of silence and then applause. I confess my first thought was this was a special effect the Newsboys were doing but I was quickly humbled with the deep conviction that God was touched and He touched us back with this gift.


IZenBet said...

that musta been so cool! i love the newsboys anyhow and growing up in the nineties has defined that appreciation. but yeah, when God shows up and accents a worship session it tends to be jaw dropping

carl said...

It sure was cool. Creationfest is one of the better christian bubbles to attend.