April 26, 2008


The pope at yankee stadium. As a Red Sox fan and a protestant in blood and in conviction a sight like this can trigger some petty tribalistic emotions and thoughts. Time for me to let go.

April 21, 2008

Turning Japanese, I'm turning Japanese, I really think so

OK. So that took about five workers to squeeze the passengers inside the train. Imagine if this were to take place in America. People would have a fit and perhaps for good reason. Pick pocketing along with other concerns would be more than enough reason for american subways to have a limit of passengers whether determined by social or legal standards.

Not to pick on America but why is this so. I think it is safe to assume that pick pocketing is not as prevalent in japanese subways as it is in american subways or else people would wait for the next train. It seems to me that the passengers are comfortable and expect to be squashed together. Does this selfless attitude for the greater good of the community seem to be a more common attribute among the japanese than here in America? Is it selfless? Consider baseball in Japan. It is normal to throw well over a hundred pitches and full games while here it is expected that a pitcher not play a full game. I am not a sociologist but this gets me thinking.


I am mostly a night person. It takes me a good two hours to wake up. After the post supper time sleepies I wake up at nine o'clock. Creative inspiration usually comes during the night hours. When it comes to an undivided time of devotion to God in the morning, I'm less likely to be fully attentive or fully there emotionally. At church I find that I tend to be more free spirited during the night service than the morning service. There are exceptions but generally I function better at night. This is OK. I am cool with this. I know that Jesus knows I am nügturnal.

The lesson to be learned after accepting that I am nocturnal and nothing will change that is embracing what I'm not. Even though mornings tend to be less fun doesn't mean I should shy away from them but rather just go through it in peace. Peace with God, peace within ourselves and peace with everyone else. There will be something in the morning that cannot be found at night. Peace is possible because of the grace found in Jesus.

April 13, 2008

Always Present

I reminded tonight about the presence of Christ that is within my heart.

Even when my mind is muddled with materialism and neurosis.
Christ is present.

Even when time passes way too fast and change feels like chaos.
Christ is present.

When I am indecisive.
Christ is present.

When I make a wrong decision.
Christ is present.

When I think too highly of myself.
Christ is present

When I think too low of myself.
Christ is present.

and His love overshadows anything that dares to stand in it's way. He calls my name and then He waits, patiently.

April 01, 2008

Winter's Last Dance

Some signs of early spring are..
Mud tracks that appear for the first time on the kitchen floor.
The sound of seagulls
Temperatures reaching sixty degrees
Something called color emerges from the ground

Over at my space I've posted some recordings that I've done in the past few days. The instrumental was co-written and performed with my brother.