April 21, 2008


I am mostly a night person. It takes me a good two hours to wake up. After the post supper time sleepies I wake up at nine o'clock. Creative inspiration usually comes during the night hours. When it comes to an undivided time of devotion to God in the morning, I'm less likely to be fully attentive or fully there emotionally. At church I find that I tend to be more free spirited during the night service than the morning service. There are exceptions but generally I function better at night. This is OK. I am cool with this. I know that Jesus knows I am nügturnal.

The lesson to be learned after accepting that I am nocturnal and nothing will change that is embracing what I'm not. Even though mornings tend to be less fun doesn't mean I should shy away from them but rather just go through it in peace. Peace with God, peace within ourselves and peace with everyone else. There will be something in the morning that cannot be found at night. Peace is possible because of the grace found in Jesus.

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