April 26, 2008


The pope at yankee stadium. As a Red Sox fan and a protestant in blood and in conviction a sight like this can trigger some petty tribalistic emotions and thoughts. Time for me to let go.


Beverly said...

What KIND of tribalistic emotions were triggered? Why? I think that the Pope should have come to Boston, should have faced up to the Catholic crisis in this area....

carl said...

I agree that he should of came to Boston. I think it would of been better to ignore D.C. and come to New York and Boston. Other cities that come to mind are New Orleans and Los Angeles.

...the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is a petty and trivial hobby. The protestant convictions that I have are not so petty I guess... I'm not so sure I should open that box.

The picture shown is a bit humurous to me because it reminds of a funny dynamic within my loyalties to a certain sports team or certain theological doctrines; all in the same scene.

Within my not so serious loyalty to the Red Sox I am a stubborn fan that will (I confess) make fun of some Yankees players every now and then. Within my loyalty to the what I believe is correct theological doctrine and spiritual practice it seems like I am more concerned about reconciliation and unity than I am about protesting.