September 04, 2008

psalm for the unspiritual me or.. the summer blues

What’s the worst that can happen to me?
I am in Christ. I am alive. I am free.

Remind me. Shake me. Tear me from complacency.

I can hear eternity in the present sounds.
Noises that are whispering behind
the brokenness of this temporary state.
Love. Joy. Hope.
They always win at the end of the day.

Season’s shift and within their turning
a place that is thin appears.
A moment of change
and a reminder
of the changeless and sovereign One.

Come Holy Spirit. Give me to You.

1 comment:

Beaver Meadow said...

Awesome. Spoke to me loud, sang to me gentle, almost like a lullaby. Now, and always NOW, in Him!