February 25, 2008

Dessert Discovery II

Dessert Discovery

Tonight I had a weird craving for something like chocolate covered cheerios. I couldn't think of an easy way to do that so I became frustrated. Until at last it hit me. Something like that but way better. I decided to mix multigrain cheerios and moosehead lake fudge ice cream which is a chocolate ice cream with extra goodness in it. Now it's important that the cheerios are multigrain because of the slight sweetness and taste as well as their unique crispy texture they have compared to other cheerios. After pouring the cereal on top of the ice cream I then made sure I mixed it altogether very well(another important detail). Yum.

February 21, 2008

contemplating gossip

Things are not as they seem. What may seem as unrighteousness may have many layers underneath. If these layers of complicated details were actually revealed and pealed away what may be left is a heart, poor in spirit yet pure.

If these complicated details become a conversation topic the nature of the dialogue usually turns into gossip, unfortunately. But with the help of the Spirit when details are revealed a spirit of prayer can rise up along with the attitude to assume the best. This is what I think Paul was referring to when he said that love believes all things. This is not to say that we shouldn't beware of becoming naive but rather we should embrace a child-like faith. We as adults can be so distrusting and so addicted to negativity. Lord Jesus, save us.

In defense of Joyce Meyer

It's been on the news several times and it saddens me. Certain preachers and teachers of the faith, particularly those who are under the prosperity gospel, are under government watch. I am no way a fan of this tainted version of the gospel but I am sad to hear that Joyce Meyer is on this list of a dozen or so. Earlier in my life when I really started to follow and seek the Lord I would read and listen to her teachings and I grew immensely from them (as well as other authors as well)despite the culture shock that she was for me. To this day I would still consider her stuff to have a lot of spiritual meat. Meat that I need today. Her teaching would recognize the need to go through rough times and that not everything tough is instantly avoidable by speaking a "word of faith". Because of that I would consider her on the mild side of the prosperity gospel movement.

I would consider myself partly word of faith but I am of the opinion that material wealth is the least needed and our lives (including thought life) should not revolve around such stuff. I believe that we should pray specifically for specific things and that if we don't we may not get our prayers answered in the specific way we want/need...phew. On the flip side of specific prayer, I see it as being popular to avoid by some because it sets us up for possible dissapointment. God uses dissapointment to His greater good. I can ask God for some ridiculous luxury and I guarantee you I will be dissapointed and that would be for the good. Some of Joyce Meyers luxuries I would question so it sounds she may have gone a little astray but as for her sermons, there is some good stuff there.

It is very tempting to me to have a critical attitude towards those on government watch but I must turn my critical spirit into a spirit of prayer and humility.

February 17, 2008

February 07, 2008

my first basketball game....ever!

We got free tickets to see the Celtics play the L.A. Clippers lastnight. Not only were they free but they were for the seventh row! It was a close game the first half but then Boston dominated from the third quarter and on. We had a lot of fun. Unfortunately Garnett did not play due to injury but I'm not complaining.

attempting to get political

Politically, I'm not so sure where I stand. On big issues like Iraq and possible universal health care I am neither against or for but I think I lean right. As my dad says "I bet you're more conservative than you think you are". I have a hard time wrapping my head around the big stuff of this world so I usually go with my intuition. A few months back I would look at the faces of the presidential hopefuls and get a certain vibe from each one. The best vibe I got was from Huckabee. For the Democratic side, Obama seemed like a good leader with a balanced personality. The worst vibe I got was from Romney. Today he drops out so I am mildly pleased.

Yesterday I was daydreaming and my overactive imagination brought me to the future where McCain won the republican primary and Huckabee joined as his vice president. The republicans than won the election in yet another close vote and soon after McCain passes away causing Huckabee to step up as the new president. I wish no ill will towards McCain I just think of weird things sometimes.