December 31, 2010

O Antiphon

Over the past month or so, a few of us at the Gathering have written our own versions of the seven medieval chants. Traditionally they were sung in order in the seven days that precede Christmas.

Recently at church we have taken the same scripture verses and put them to song with an emphasis on the "O's". We also gave a loose translation on the scripture in order to fit into song form. The verses are all from the book of Isaiah and prophetically portray Jesus. Thematically each verse makes for a good basis to create a song of worship. The word Oh has no meaning but is rather an emotional expression that at least for me assisted in the worship wholistically.

Check them out. Pastor Phil wrote #1-3, Jonathan #5, myself #4, 6 and Jodi wrote #7 which unfortunately is not available just yet. The lyrics are as follows:

O SAPIENTIA (Is. 11:2-3; 28:29)
O Wisdom, you come forth from the mouth of the Most High.
You fill the universe and hold all things together
in a strong yet gentle way.
O Wisdom, now come to teach us the way of truth.

O ADONAI (Is. 11:4-5; 33:22)
O Adonai and leader of Israel,
you appeared to Moses in a burning bush
and you gave him the Law on the Holy Mount.
O come and save us with your mighty power.

O RADIX JESSE (Is. 11:1, 10)
O stock of Jesse, you stand as a signal for the nations;
kings fall silent before you whom the people acclaim.
O come to deliver us, and do not delay.

O CLAVIS DAVID (Is. 9:6; 22:22)
O key of David and scepter of Israel,
what you close or open no one can undo.
O come and lead us from shackles to freedom.
For too long we’ve dwelt in the dark shadow of death.

O ORIENS (Is. 9:1)
O Rising Sun, you are the splendor of eternal light
and the sun of justice.
O come and enlighten those who sit in darkness
and in the shadow of death.

O REX GENTIUM (Is. 2:4; 9:5)
O King whom all the people desire,
you are the cornerstone that makes us one.
O come and save man whom you made from clay.

O EMMANUEL (Is. 7:14)
O Emmanuel, you’re our king and judge,
the One whom the peoples await and their Savior.
O come and save us, Lord, our God.


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