December 13, 2010

Thoughts for this Advent

This Christmas season I am a little more sane than usual. Despite being one of my favorite holidays, Christmas has been a time in which I was inevitably spread so thin and emotionally spent. It was always hard for me to complain about this out loud for fear of being seen as ungrateful for the blessing of having such a large and loving family between Melissa and myself.

Could I be closer to Christ while observing Advent? I suppose so. But that hurried, anxious spirit that makes God feel distant (even though he wasn't for the most part)is no longer around and I can see and sense the presence of Christ this Advent with a greater level of clarity than perhaps ever. If this is true then this I know will be my favorite present that I receive. On a side note I am also uber Christmasy this year.

My family loves me and I receive a ton of gifts both for my birthday and Christmas.
Every year it seems that by Thanksgiving I'm probably finishing opening the last of my Birthday gifts and I do so bloated with food because I have stuffed my face all day long only to find myself being asked by loved ones at the end of the day what stuff I want for Christmas. At moments like those I wish I could be like my Grandparents who in the twilight years of their lives tell everyone to not give them anything for Christmas but rather give to a charity of their choosing. Of course for them there is logic in not acquiring any more stuff and it's always sad to think about that fully. Me, I have no excuse. So for now I must indulge and this is the first year I don't feel so bad doing so.

I believe My challenge for this Advent and the coming new year is to creatively and exponentially multiply my blessings with cheerfulness and open hands. How that is supposed to look like I couldn't say right now. Lord help me.


Anonymous said...

Happy to see your back on the blog, and proud of you for your musings. I muse some of the same things. Let us be happy for the Gift of Christ!

carl said...

Oh thank you. It's been awhile but there might be another bit of blogging left in me. We'll see.